Data centres, big guzzlers of electricity, can now brave tropical climates to become more energy efficient by following a new standard that helps them operate at higher temperature settings.  The new standard, one of the world’s first, could lead to potential energy savings of between two per cent and five per cent in cooling systems...
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Even as the Asia-Pacific region faces economic challenges, businesses in Singapore and Thailand are leading the charge in prioritising environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. In Japan, ESG ranks as the fifth organisational priority while Taiwan follows the global trend, placing ESG as the third priority. Despite these differences, the four Asian markets collectively recognise...
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According to IEA’s Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2022 report, the global sales of electric vehicles (EVs) have tripled in just three years. This trend is also picking up pace in Singapore as the government eyes ambitious plans to install 60,000 charging points by 2030 and fast-track electric vehicle (EV) adoption to achieve net-zero emissions by...
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Sustainability has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years due to the rise in climate change-related events around the world and fossil fuel price hikes. According to the OCBC Climate Index, Singapore has obtained a national average awareness score of 8.1 in 2022. Having made strides in sustainability awareness, we are entering a new...
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The pilot scheme for sustainable new data centre builds recently launched by the Singapore government represents a progressive leap forward for the country’s digital economy. It meets the world’s growing demand for data centre capacity and solidifies Singapore’s position as a regional connectivity hub, while also respecting the country’s commitments towards climate change. While data...
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